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Black and Krantz is proud to be a Saasu Partner/Gold Partner

Black and Krantz is proud to be a Partner/Gold Partner of Saasu - the most complete online accounting software solution with professional invoicing, expenses, inventory, multi-currency and point of sale.

Saasu is an easy and speedy online accounting software that gives you real time access to all of your business’ critical information. With Saasu you can import your bank statement data, you can reconcile payments and invoices, control your inventory, and much more… from anywhere with an internet connection!

Frustrated with older, more complicated accounting systems that tie you down to a computer? Then set your business free with Saasu.

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Why should you use Saasu?

 You get a more complete solution for less than other major suppliers. Saasu is online which means you benefit from:

With Saasu your business gets; Invoicing, Purchasing, Inventory, Payroll Reports,
Automated Billing & Expenses, Multi-currency, Bank Account Management, Time Tracking,

Light CRM, Point of Sale, eBay Connector, Support
and more.

  • No hardware to purchase & maintain - you can cut costs
  • No updates to install - you are always using the latest version
  • Safe data - with some of the highest level of security available
  • Automatic backups - no concern of crashed or stolen computers

Getting started with Saasu

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get started with Saasu (we have some clients who got started in as little as 20 minutes) as we provide a range of services to ensure your business is up and running with Saasu as quickly and effectively as possible.

Whether you are an established business or just starting out, we can provide the necessary support you need to get the most out of Saasu.

Please contact us for a plan specific to your business.

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20 years and $35 million later…
"Julian has helped us steer our course from an annual turnover of $200,000 in 1981 to over $35 million in 1997/98."
Xero Saasu FPA
SMSF Association Chartered Accountants

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