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Key Dates - November 2020

Here you can find key dates in the Australian financial calendar. Simply select the month you are interested in.

Date Category Description
21 Nov 2020 Activity statements 

Due date to lodge and pay monthly activity statements for October 2020. Tax obligations that may be payable include:

  • GST, wine equalisation tax and luxury car tax for October 2020.
  • PAYG withholding for October 2020 (medium withholders).
  • PAYG instalment for October 2020 for monthly PAYG instalment payers.
25 Nov 2020  

Due date to lodge and pay quarterly activity statements for the September 2020 quarter (if lodged electronically through a tax agent or BAS agent). Tax obligations that may be payable include:

  • GST, wine equalisation tax and luxury car tax for the September 2020 quarter.
  • PAYG withholding:
    • for September 2020 (medium withholders).
    • for the September 2020 quarter (small withholders).
  • PAYG instalment for the September 2020 quarter for quarterly PAYG instalment payers (1st quarter of the 2020/21 income year).
  • FBT instalment for the September 2020 quarter (2nd quarter of the 2021 FBT year).

The due date to lodge and pay is 28 Oct 2020 if lodged on paper.

28 Nov 2020 Superannuation  Due date for employers who failed to pay the minimum superannuation guarantee contributions by 28 Oct 2020 to pay the superannuation guarantee charge (SGC) and lodge a Superannuation guarantee charge statement - quarterly. The SGC is not tax deductible.

  • As some dates may vary, please ensure you contact the Australian Taxation Office to double check any dates in question.
  • When the due date for lodgment or payment falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or public holiday, it may be done on the next business day.

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