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Wealth Control©

Let's be honest here – everyone, yes even you, would like to be wealthier than they are now.

Managing and protecting your wealth is no joking matter. (Especially those jokes about how many accountants it takes to change a light bulb!). You deserve a serious and comprehensive program to manage your wealth and your decisions – with Wealth Control© you get exactly that.

Why Wealth Control© is for you

Black & Krantz are professionals at helping you make smart choices about your money, based on what is important to you, giving you the motivation and strategies to actually achieve your goals and dreams. We have developed a Financial Planning Pyramid© to visually represent the four tiers of the wealth control system.

Click here to see the Financial Planning Pyramid©.

Wealth Control© was created by Black & Krantz as Certified Financial Planners and Certified Practising Accountants to simply provide you with the best top level professional advice

Wealth Control© offers a unique comprehensive four tiered system with an enduring sense of security to take you through to retirement.

Each tier is interlinked to safeguard your existing assets, build greater financial wealth, manage your cash needs and have the cash reserve when you need it and distribute funds tax effectively at the appropriate time.

With Wealth Control© your decisions are made simple

Tier One – Wealth Protection

Wealth Protection is all about safeguarding the assets you already have and protecting your earning capacity.

How Wealth Protection can assist you:

  • Protects your assets
  • Safeguards your income earning capacity
  • Ensures the most appropriate ownership structures (ie companies and trusts)
  • Invests in well-researched and approved investments
  • Manages your superannuation
  • Appoints Powers of Attorney to make decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so.
    (Read more about estate planning.)
  • Utilises Certified financial planning professionals in business and tax.

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Tier Two – Wealth Management

Wealth Management is where we monitor and update strategies to reflect any changes to your goals, accommodate market variables and introduce you to the LifePlanner© program. This is the program that organises all your financial affairs.

How Wealth Management can assist you:

  • Updates strategies to reflect changing goals.
  • Monitors and adjusts investments as required.
  • Reviews expenses to reduce waste.
  • Reduces and clears non-deductible debt.
  • Using the LifePlanner© program gives you complete control of your financial situation
  • Investment Review

Tier Three – Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation sets goals (ie. an investment portfolio) and implements growth related strategies that enable you to achieve those goals.

How Wealth Creation can assist you:

  • Sets goals
  • Invests surplus funds
  • Uses the tax system to your advantage
  • Implements business systems to help you work smarter
  • Balances personal "needs" against necessary "wants"
  • Recommends intelligent investing based on professional advice.
  • Creates a financial base – owning a home.
  • Understands investments and how to minimise the risks.
  • Accesses other income streams to create wealth.
  • Establishes 'wealth pools' (ie university/holiday/car accounts).

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Tier Four – Wealth Succession

Wealth Succession ensures that the wealth created as well as the wealth coming in is dispersed to the people you nominate in the smartest most tax efficient way possible.

How Wealth Succession can assist you:

  • Protects assets coming to you
  • Safeguards family financial security
  • Transfers your wealth to the right people in the best manner
  • Ensures your family pays the least amount of tax
  • Reduces the possibility of family conflict over assets
  • Addresses the requirements of infants, dependents and family members with special needs.

We help people make smart choices about their money so they can accomplish their goals for reasons that are important to them.

WEALTH CONTROL© is peace of mind. It has been designed specifically to reduce financial stress, increase capital growth and provide security that only a serious and comprehensive system such as this can provide.

Make a simple decision – Contact us today. We look forward to meeting with you soon.

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Financial Planning Pyramid©
Black & Krantz are professionals at helping you make smart choices about your money, based on what is important to you, giving you the motivation and strategies to actually achieve your goals and dreams.
...decisions made simple!
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