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VIP Trusted Adviser Promise

The role of the VIP Adviser is to deliver on the following promises:

  • Ensure that practical, lifestyle and many other “passing thoughts” which invariably cross a Members mind are never an obstacle or in doubt.
  • Affirmatively act to ensure that all the Members' issues are confidently and confidentially addressed, in whatever time is required, with proportional effort and skill deployed.
  • Spend sufficient time gaining and establishing a deep and meaningful understanding of the Member's circumstances.
  • Expertly frame issues.
  • Skilfully challenge assumptions.
  • Be skilled, in a caring, dexterous yet firm way, at helping Members separate logic from emotion.
  • Be consistent and dependable.
  • Help Members see things from fresh perspectives.
  • Never “pull punches”, and can be counted upon for the truth, even if it affects the relationship.
  • Be skilled at correcting behaviour (compassionately), without censure, fault-finding, recriminations or judgment.
  • “Protect the Members back”; always well-representing the Members' best interests and insisting that all conflicts of interest be understood and disclosed.
  • Display an effortless understanding of each Member and their aspirations.
  • Co-ordinate and manage a Team of Subject Matter Experts, to assist Members fulfill all their tangible goals, in bringing to reality their values along their Financial Road Map®.

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